Make Old Concrete Look New Again

Is your driveway suffering from holes, cracks, pitting, or staining, or simply looking a little old and worn out?

Concrete resurfacing/overlays are a quick and easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Resurfacing and overlays are a good option that can increase the lifespan of your existing driveway and give it a new fresh look.

Resilient – Attractive – Affordable

Hardscapes offers a wide variety of resurfacing and overlay systems. If you’re looking to restore your old, damaged concrete driveway this summer, give Hardscapes a call at 403-547-5597.

We restore & rejuvenate a wide range of surfaces with a wide range of products & systems

There are many ways to finish concrete. Some of the attractive finishes Hardscapes specializes in are decorative concrete overlays, engraved and stained concrete floors, concrete patios, driveways, staircases, basement floors, garage floor coatings, or any type of concrete structure for residential, commercial or industrial floors.

We supply and install products for many high-end custom home-builders and general contractors, as well as homeowners renovating or updating. In addition, we offer solutions for restaurants, retail/commercial flooring, and even warehouse/industrial flooring is within the scope of our expertise. We’re fully licensed and insured and we pride ourselves on our quality and workmanship.

To have a look at some of the projects we’ve done for our clients that showcase our work, visit our Portfolio.

If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us at 403-547-5597 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Specialty Concrete Garage Floor Repair & Resurfacing

Hardscapes Inc. specializes in a number of solutions to repair and rebuild your concrete surface. Garage floors in particular can be brought back to life with many luxury finishes or graphic designs.

Call the professionals at Hardscapes! We have the right formula to solve your unique concrete needs.

To get in touch contact us at 403-547-5597 or email to have your concrete-related questions and concerns addressed.

Hardscapes Inc. Calgary Garage Floor Repair

Concrete Resurfacing – Not Just for Garage Floors

Concrete Resurfacing does not have to be just for your garage floor, pool deck or industrial space.

Many homes are going for a concrete resurfaced floors to bring a warm and inviting feel to any room in the house.

Ever wonder what you bedroom floor would feel like if it was heated. A concrete floor can make that happen all while looking anything else but concrete.

Hardscapes Inc.  has solutions to address any of your concrete areas from home, office, garage or commercial space. Get in touch today at 403-547-5597 for a free estimate.

Can Water Damaged Concrete Be Repaired

Yes it can!

It’s called water degradation and can be caused by any number of things. Fire, aggregate expansion, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching and many others.

Many basement floors get damaged by the high water tables and backed up sewers.

Untreated sewer water can produce hydrogen sulfide, which is then oxidized by aerobic bacteria present on the concrete surface above the water level. The sulfuric acid dissolves the carbonates in the cured cement and causes strength loss, as well as producing sulfates that can be destructive to the concrete.

Hardscapes Inc. has a solution to this problem. A clean up of the concrete floor and then sealing the concrete with a great decorative coating can preserve and update your damaged basement floor. This is a great alternative to replacing rugs and hardwoods.

For more ideas on how to restore or create your concrete Hardscapes Inc. has the answers. 403-547-5597

Concrete Resurfacing – Overlays – Transformations

Hardscapes offers a wide variety of resurfacing and overlay systems from decorative concrete overlays/resurfacing for driveways, walkways, patios & more. Long-lasting, easy maintenance interior and exterior surfaces.

Resilient – Attractive – Affordable

A little maintenance goes a long way. A fresh coat of sealer will protect your investment from salt & UV damage & lessen the impact of freeze/thaw cycles. Stamped & exposed concrete will look like new again.
QUESTIONS? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout at 403-547-5597. We’d be happy to make recommendations and ultimately provide a solution!

Concrete finishes ideal for high-traffic areas

Specializing in many finishes, our products are ideal for high-traffic areas and areas requiring slip-resistant textures and finishes. Hardscapes has many years of concrete commercial/industrial flooring experience. We have solutions for restaurants, retail/commercial flooring, and even warehouse/industrial flooring is within the scope of our expertise.

In addition, we offer resurfacing processes (over existing concrete) and have the equipment necessary to remove the epoxy, paint, glue, thin-set, and mastic. All of these coatings can be removed without the use of harmful chemicals. We utilize dust collection for all of our grinding/removal processes and leave nice smooth concrete ready for staining, engraving, or coating with any of our beautiful finishes. Our concrete diamond polishing & densifying processes will bring your concrete up to a sparkling shine.

We’d be happy to discuss your situation and give you a recommendation that’s just right for you. Call 403-547-5597 today for a no-obligation quote.