Other Services

Other Services

Below are some of the other services we are experienced in providing our clients. To view a sampling of our work visit our Portfolio page to browse through our galleries.


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Floor Coating
& Grinding Removal

Epoxy, paint, glue, thin-set & mastic can all be
removed without the use of harmful chemicals.
We utilize dust collection for all of our
grinding/removal processes.

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Polishing & Densifying

With our years of experience we can
bring your concrete surface up to a beautiful
premium quality shine with diamond polishing
processes up to 3000 grit.

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Sandblasting can get some people a little
upset! From sealer & paint removal, to fully
exposed aggregate, we are experienced in
getting it right while keeping the peace
with community in the process.

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A little maintenance goes a long way. A fresh
coat of sealer will protect your investment
from salt & UV damage & lessen the impact of
freeze/thaw cycles. Stamped & exposed
concrete will look like new again.