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Our garage floor has been painted and is flaking and peeling. What can we do to clean it up?

First, we grind the paint off. Then we apply a high strength quick curing compound to all cracks and pitted areas. Finally we apply our poly-aspartic floor coating with color flakes in a wide variety of colors.

We have a retail store that has old carpet glued down. Can we still have a concrete floor finish?

No problem. We have the equipment necessary to remove the glue and leave nice smooth concrete ready for staining, engraving, or coating with any of our beautiful finishes.

Our old driveway has some surface damage, otherwise OK. Does it have to be replaced to get rid of the pitting?

Absolutely not! Hardscapes can install a polymer enhanced concrete overlay to your driveway and not only eliminate the rough surface, but give your home a completely fresh look with a tile, or stone patterned and colored finish.

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