Repairing water damaged floors is indeed possible

Many basement floors face the risk of damage due to high water tables and backed-up sewers, which can cause water degradation and significant harm over time.

Of particular concern is untreated sewage water, which can harbor hydrogen sulfide. When this compound reacts with aerobic bacteria on concrete surfaces, it oxidizes and transforms into sulfuric acid. Consequently, the acid eats away at carbonates in the cured cement, leading to a loss of strength and the production of sulfates that further harm the concrete.

Luckily, Hardscapes provides a reliable solution to combat these issues. Through a comprehensive cleanup of the concrete floor and the application of a durable decorative coating, our team can effectively preserve and enhance damaged basement floors. This approach offers a practical alternative to the expensive replacement of carpets and hardwoods.

For those seeking repair and restoration, give us a shout at 403-547-5597 to explore how our team can revitalize your space.