Enhance your property value with an overdue restoration

Hardscapes Inc. concrete floor.If you’re considering selling your home, it may be the perfect time to give it some TLC with a much needed and long overdue restoration or renovation. In fact, improvements may help your home win out over other properties competing against yours on the market.

So why not be proactive now? You’ll be ahead of the game when you’re ready to put that For Sale sign on the front lawn knowing that your investment will pay off!

Hardscapes Inc. has been providing quality craftsmanship, service and customer satisfaction for over 17 years. We’re here to answer all your questions, discuss your ideas, or to book a FREE personalized quote.

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Throwback Thursday!

Here’s a look back at a gorgeous polyaspartic garage floor we completed a little over a year ago.

The extra design touches can really make your garage stand out from the franchise garage floors! With over 20 years experience in concrete coatings in Calgary, Hardscapes has the design experience and technical know-how to create a garage floor that stands the test of time.

If you’re wondering what it would take to have a garage floor that stands out from the pack give us a call for a FREE estimate.


Heated Concrete Reflector Floor

This reflector floor was installed on all 2200′ of this Airdrie basement. It is a gorgeous seamless flooring solution that is durable and easy to maintain. More and more people are moving to hard surface floors for their basements, particularly when they are heated concrete floors.

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hardscapes-reflector-floor   hardscapes-inc-reflctor-floor

Have you ever thought about finishing your kitchen floor with concrete?

concretekitchenfloorThink about it. It’s the one place that you are constantly wiping and cleaning. Sharp objects are frequently dropped leaving nicks and gouges and chipping in whatever flooring you have in place. It’s just constant maintenance.

Now concrete on the other hand, can be made to look like any surface you want. With new advances in concrete finishes your floor can look exactly like any tile you ever wanted or even a wood finish.

The difference…no maintenance. Period.

Concrete is low-maintenance and resistant to staining when it is sealed properly.

Concrete is virtually indestructible. The life span of your floor is infinite. Concrete is so durable it can last for 50-100 years!

If you get tired of the look or colour, a quick surface renewal and you can have a brand now look without the inconvenience of tearing up the old floor and laying down the new. Concrete offers almost unlimited design options for colour, texture and polishing.

For information on concrete floors and installations for your home give the experts a call at 403-547-5597.

Beautiful Kitchen Floor Reno

This kitchen received a quick flooring makeover on a budget. With the primers available today, we were able to do a self levelling concrete topping right over the old kitchen tiles. Once that set, we installed an elite crete reflector floor. The metallic finish really modernizes the space.

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