Have you ever thought about finishing your kitchen floor with concrete?

concretekitchenfloorThink about it. It’s the one place that you are constantly wiping and cleaning. Sharp objects are frequently dropped leaving nicks and gouges and chipping in whatever flooring you have in place. It’s just constant maintenance.

Now concrete on the other hand, can be made to look like any surface you want. With new advances in concrete finishes your floor can look exactly like any tile you ever wanted or even a wood finish.

The difference…no maintenance. Period.

Concrete is low-maintenance and resistant to staining when it is sealed properly.

Concrete is virtually indestructible. The life span of your floor is infinite. Concrete is so durable it can last for 50-100 years!

If you get tired of the look or colour, a quick surface renewal and you can have a brand now look without the inconvenience of tearing up the old floor and laying down the new. Concrete offers almost unlimited design options for colour, texture and polishing.

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