Remake Your Commercial Floors

Recently completed 6000′ of commercial bay floors. Epoxy base with a polyaspartic topcoat makes a great high build coating that is very durable.

In this case size doesn’t matter. We can transform any sized commercial floor taking it from dull and pock marked to a new luxurious and shining surface.

Check out some of our floors on our Industrial & Commercial floors page for more ideas give us a call 403-547-5597

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Marble Look For Your Basement Floor

IMG_4875This gorgeous basement floor was created using PT-1 in charcoal pearl with coffee accents. This client was absolutely floored with the results!

With Reflector Enhancer floors there are no two projects the same. Don’t buy the same tiles and carpet that everyone else is getting.

Make your floor unique.

Call us for more information on this and other beautiful concrete floors.

Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Hardscapes IncThis floor created using Elite Crete PT-1 epoxy with titanium reflector enhancer makes quite an Impact with clients in this showroom! The blue highlights compliment the company logo.
Reflector floors are a fantastic way to customize your space.
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Industrial Floor Finish

The process begins with surface prep. It’s always the key to a successful floor installation. This old floor has been used for many different businesses over the years. We started with a deep grind using a 32” machine that weighs more than 1500lbs. The combination of weight and the correct diamond tooling insures a nice deep grind to fully remove all surface contaminants.
We also ran a shotblaster over the rougher areas to insure a clean floor down in any divots and depressions.

Once a good clean floor is achieved, we skim the floor out with a floor patching material to fill and smooth the depressions and other deficiencies prior to coating. Once that has dried, a light grind over the patch and we are ready to begin the coating process.

Our base coat of epoxy goes down nice and even with a squeegee and back roll before we broadcast the flake. This client chose a grey and white mix with 7% silver micah for a unique look that will have a gorgeous finish.

Once the base coat has cured, we remove the excess flake, scrape it down and sand it before the applying the two topcoats of polyaspartic.

The final product is a gorgeous showroom finish that is extremely chemical and abrasion resistant. This floor will be home to an extensive car collection.

Check back to see the final finish.


Hardscapes Industrial Floor Repair

DIY Disaster

Hardscapes Inc. DIY disasterYou see it on TV all the time. The DIY Disaster. There is nothing worse than starting a home project only to find out to late you don’t know what you’re doing. You can watch as many YouTube video’s as you want but if you have never done something before you could be in for a big surprise. It’s mostly looks easier to do than it actually is.

That especially applies to concrete. With getting the right mixture to drying times and finishes there is a lot more to pouring your own floor or back yard patio.

Don’t wait until your project has to be jack hammered out and re-built by an expert. Why not give Hardscapes Inc. a call to discover how they can make your concrete project a thing of beauty without the worry and get it done right the first time.

Spring Garage Floor Restoration

Some experts claim that the fluids that eventually drip from your vehicle to your garage floor are what cause all the pitting and damage to your concrete surface.

If you live in a colder climate where road and highway maintenance requires snow melting products and salt then these are most likely the culprit.

If you are contemplating restoring your old garage floor why not consider something just a bit more eye catching.

Contact Hardscapes Inc. for one of their custom garage floor designs.

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Spring Cleaning

garage floor re-surfaceIs the weather making you think of spring? Are the cracks and oil stains on your garage floor making you think of not cleaning it out this spring?

Be the envy of your neighbor’s this year. Get all the winter clutter cleaned up and book your garage floor install today. Take advantage of Hardscape Inc.’s early season pricing.
Storage solutions also available!

Company Logo

Have you been wondering what is going to finish off that new company space. There is something missing but you can’ t quite put your finger on it.

What about your company logo embedded in the concrete floor in your reception or service area?

This is something that not only looks great but really shows off the corporate seal. It’s also something that needs to be done professionally. If not done right your company logo can become faded and worn if in a high traffic area.

Hardscapes Inc. specializes in logo-ed floors. Check out some of these awesome designs.


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Radiant Heated Concrete

radiantheatHave you ever thought about installing heated concrete floors in your home? Maybe you’re not building a new home but are thinking of resurfacing your existing concrete basement.

If you want the beauty and look of concrete and warmth under foot, radiant heating is available in cable form giving greater flexibility or mat form, which helps with quick and easy installation under concrete slab floors.

Give Hardscapes Inc. a call to find out how radiant heated concrete can be installed anywhere in your home or garage.

Hardscapes Inc. Floor Concrete Repair

This Reflector/Enhancer floor was completed in the flood area of Elbow Park in Calgary. Using Elite Crete E100-UV 1 and a blend of reflector enhancer colours, Hardscapes Inc. created this one of a kind basement floor finish.
These homeowners are very happy to be back in their home and have a dry basement this year!

If last years flooding left your basement floors cracked and heaved or just discoloured, give us a call to see how we can bring your floors back to life.

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