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Remodeling and Home Design

Concrete Patio

hardscapes inc concrete patioHas the patio stone or paving stone patio you build last summer come out from under the snow heaved or cracked? Does it look like it’s going to be another chore this year to replace the damaged area even though you know it will likely happen again next year?

Why not save yourself the time and aggravation of constant repair and replacement?

A poured concrete slab can be delivered in a day and by using colour and any number of beautiful stamped designs your concrete patio can have a paver or stone finish.

Give us a call to see some of our great concrete finishes and get a free quote.

Spring Clean Up

Old Garage Floor Hardscapes Inc.Its spring and we all know what that means, time to pull out the lawn furniture and clean up all the stones, mud, salt and whatever else your vehicle has deposited over the winter.

That’s not the worst part though. What are you going to do about those nice big cracks in the concrete left from the big temperature swings here in Alberta?

Don’t try to patch them up with some concrete sealer you got from the local hardware store. Save time and money and call Hardscapes Inc. for an estimate on how to beautify, protect and fix your nasty garage floor.

Happy Easter

EasterEaster – a wonderful and most beautiful celebration of spring and rebirth.

Wishing you a peaceful Easter weekend.

Spring Garage Floor Restoration

Some experts claim that the fluids that eventually drip from your vehicle to your garage floor are what cause all the pitting and damage to your concrete surface.

If you live in a colder climate where road and highway maintenance requires snow melting products and salt then these are most likely the culprit.

If you are contemplating restoring your old garage floor why not consider something just a bit more eye catching.

Contact Hardscapes Inc. for one of their custom garage floor designs.

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Spring Cleaning

garage floor re-surfaceIs the weather making you think of spring? Are the cracks and oil stains on your garage floor making you think of not cleaning it out this spring?

Be the envy of your neighbor’s this year. Get all the winter clutter cleaned up and book your garage floor install today. Take advantage of Hardscape Inc.’s early season pricing.
Storage solutions also available!

Wine Store Floor Update

Remember a couple of weeks ago we asked you to stay tuned for updates on the wine store floor project. After Hardscapes Inc. gave it a diamond grind, some patching, and an Elite Crete pt1 epoxy application the old used up floor have found new life. Who would have guessed that this was the same floor.

image1 image2

Elite Crete Systems REFLECTOR™ Floor

Have you ever thought about a REFLECTOR™ floor?

Enhancer Floors continue to be one of the most popular choices amongst property owners, architects and specifiers.

These flooring systems are fluid applied and poured in place. They are completely self-leveling, ultra-durable and unique. Compared to other types of floor coverings, the cost effectiveness just cannot be beat.

Most REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floors are milder that these portrayed. With nearly unlimited options for color combinations and visual pattern/texture, each REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floor is unique.

Want to learn more about these products and systems? Give us a call at Hardscapes Inc. to discuss how we can give you the REFLECTOR™ floor that works for you.

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Elite Crete Systems

New Concrete Floors

This new concrete floor restoration will take a few weeks to bring to life. The wine store was in need of an update to the original floors that had become worn and faded from the wear and tear of retail shoppers through its doors.

Prep work has begun with clearing the original floor and leveling low spots in the existing area.

Stay tuned as Hardscapes Inc. takes you through the process of resurrecting this old and dated flooring to a new a beautiful finish.

concrete-cleanup concrete-leveling existing-floor-removal

Winter Garage Floor Project

Garage Floor CoatingIn case you’re wondering; Yes, we can do garage floor coatings all winter long. Our polyaspartic floor coatings are able to cure even in our cold Calgary winter temperatures.
Call today for your free estimate! 403-547-5597