Tired old floors need a facelift?

Old floors can definitely be brought back to life! Give your office, retail shop, plant or warehouse a fresh new look.

A concrete overlay can make all the difference. This type of overlay can add years to the life of your floor and create a specific ambiance designed especially for your unique environment.

Here are some things to consider when considering a concrete overlay:

  • The conditions, wear and tear that your floors will be exposed to
  • Certain polished surfaces might not be appropriate for wet conditions
  • High traffic areas may require a darker colour to give the floor a longer life and keep maintenance to a minimum

How much maintenance is required?

This type of surface, when coated with a sealer, is stain-resistant to dirt and grease. All that’s required is routine cleaning and maintenance.

What is the installation cost?

Costs average between $3 – $10 a square foot depending on installation specifics. Please note that more elaborate finishes can cost more.

Questions? Need more information?

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