Thinking of doing a DIY concrete patio pad this summer?

You may want to think twice! It’s actually much harder than it looks and if you mess it up you’re in for a full day of de-construction just to get back to square one.

For one thing, getting the concrete mix right is key. For example, too little water and the particles in the mix won’t stick together. But, adding too much water weakens your concrete. When that happens your aggregate or rock that is in the concrete begins to sink lower in the poured area. That leaves the lighter weight cement and sand at the top which can lead to very quick pitting and damage to your poured area.

Not only that, there are a great number of additives you can use to improve the strength of your concrete. Plasticizers and hardeners help it set quicker and fiberglass strands will add strength. It’s very important to get the ratio perfect.

The professionals at Hardscapes are expert at working with concrete. Their designs and colours make any backyard concrete pad outstanding. Stamping and polishing features combined with our artistry can make it look like beautiful custom stonework.

The images below are from a project we recently completed as part of a patio renovation. A flake broadcast over both new and old concrete to bring it all together for a gorgeous finish for outdoor entertaining.

Give us a shout today at 403-547-5597. Our team of professionals are ready to discuss your design ideas and get to work tackling your concrete patio project for you. It will be poured, cured, and ready to enjoy over the warm summer months ahead.