Industrial Floor Finish

The process begins with surface prep. It’s always the key to a successful floor installation. This old floor has been used for many different businesses over the years. We started with a deep grind using a 32” machine that weighs more than 1500lbs. The combination of weight and the correct diamond tooling insures a nice deep grind to fully remove all surface contaminants.
We also ran a shotblaster over the rougher areas to insure a clean floor down in any divots and depressions.

Once a good clean floor is achieved, we skim the floor out with a floor patching material to fill and smooth the depressions and other deficiencies prior to coating. Once that has dried, a light grind over the patch and we are ready to begin the coating process.

Our base coat of epoxy goes down nice and even with a squeegee and back roll before we broadcast the flake. This client chose a grey and white mix with 7% silver micah for a unique look that will have a gorgeous finish.

Once the base coat has cured, we remove the excess flake, scrape it down and sand it before the applying the two topcoats of polyaspartic.

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