Cracks in your Concrete Porch?

Cracked PorchHave you ever attempted to repair a crack in your concrete porch yourself? You likely discovered that this is not really a DIY situation!

These days most front porches are made with concrete and what starts out as a small crack can quickly become a larger crack if water gets in and freezes.

Depending on how deep the crack is it may have to be filled in with vinyl patching and then capped with a concrete patching material. You might even have to use a metal brush or some other method like stapling or chiseling away some of the edges to make a smoother repair.

Aging concrete can go from bad to worse fairly quickly if not attended too and DIY repairs can be tricky. In fact, the results can vary from just OK to hideous.

Why not let an expert take the struggle out of this type of home repair?

Hardscapes Inc. has all the tools and the know-how to quickly assess any situation and find the immediate answer to your worn concrete issues. Call 403-547-5597 today!

Concrete Heaving

concrete heavingFrost can damage concrete in many ways. Two of the most prominent are, having the frozen ground heave because of ice crystals forming in the soil, and collapsing due to these ice crystals thawing in the spring. When the weather becomes cold in the winter, frost penetrates the ground and freezes water trapped in the pours of the earth. Water flows from wet to dry so water from below th frost line is drawn up. As it reaches the frost line it freezes. This eventually creates a thick layer of ice. The expansion caused by the freezing ice creates a layer that heaves the ground an equal distance of that layer. Finally the pressure below the concrete can no longer sustain its integrity and cracks.

Filling these cracks can leave ugly jagged lines in your concrete drives and walkways. Professionals like Hardscapes Inc. have many methods of repairing just this kind of winter damage and bring you concrete outdoor surfaces back to their original beauty.