Specialty Concrete Engraving

This gorgeous floor was created by engraving the pattern with our Mongoose concrete engraver. Next, we stained the concrete with Elite Crete’s Antique Brown Chem stone stain. The lines were highlighted with Antique black by one of our master installers with a steady hand to create the soft rustic edges to the pattern. The floor is coated with Elite Crete PT-1 Epoxy for beauty and durability.

This is a great way to change the look of your floors. In fact, unlimited decorative designs and patterns can be directly engraved into a concrete floor surface. If you have a design idea you’d like to discuss, call Hardscapes today at 403-547-5597. We’d love to don our creative hats and help you transform your space into something beautiful!

Check out our gallery at http://concretecanada.com/portfolio/ for more unique floors!