Ready to transform your concrete surfaces?

When it comes to working with concrete, proper preparation is key. While it may seem like a simple task, preparing concrete requires expertise and precision. That’s why hiring a professional in the field is always a smart idea, and that’s where Hardscapes comes in.

One essential aspect of concrete preparation is curing, which involves preventing the concrete from drying out too quickly. If left to dry on its own, the concrete will lack the necessary bonding between its ingredients, resulting in weakness, increased cracking, and a less durable final product.

At Hardscapes, we understand the importance of proper curing. We employ effective methods to ensure optimal results. By utilizing form-work and water spray techniques, we control the drying process. Additionally, we lay a protective plastic sheet on top of the slab to prevent evaporation. These measures contribute to the efficient and thorough curing of the concrete, resulting in a stronger, more durable end product.

In addition to our expertise in curing, Hardscapes offers a wide range of concrete resurfacing and overlay systems. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate an existing surface or enhance the aesthetics of your space, our solutions have got you covered.

Don’t settle for anything less than professional expertise when it comes to concrete preparation and resurfacing. You can trust Hardscapes for outstanding results. Contact us at 403-547-5597 to learn more about our services and how we can meet your specific needs.