Hardscapes Inc. has high-quality concrete solutions!

Hardscapes Inc. is a Calgary-based company that specializes in providing high-quality architectural concrete finishes. We have been providing flooring solutions for over 25 years, and our expertise lies in decorative concrete overlays, engraved and stained concrete floors, garage floor coatings, and industrial/commercial floor coatings.

Our services cater to a wide range of clients, including high-end custom home builders, general contractors, residential homeowners, retail/commercial flooring, restaurants, and warehouse/industrial flooring. This diverse client base is a testament to the versatility of their products and services, as well as their ability to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client.

One of our popular services is metallic/reflector flooring, which utilizes reflective pigments to produce colorful concrete floors with dimension and depth. This unique flooring solution is ideal for basements, garages, commercial, residential, and industrial flooring, and can match existing designs or preferred colors. The metallic/reflector finish is perfect for creating a stunning and memorable visual impact, making it an ideal choice for restaurants and retail spaces.

In addition to our expertise in metallic/reflector flooring, Hardscapes Inc. offers a range of other finishes that are tailored to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Our decorative concrete overlays are perfect for enhancing the look of existing concrete surfaces, while our engraved and stained concrete floors offer a unique and durable flooring option that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

For industrial and commercial applications, Hardscapes Inc. provides garage floor coatings and industrial/commercial floor coatings that are designed to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. These coatings are not only durable and long-lasting, but they also provide added safety by improving traction and reducing slip hazards.

Overall, Hardscapes Inc. is a reliable and trustworthy company that has been providing high-quality flooring solutions for over two decades. With our expertise in architectural concrete finishes and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are a top choice for anyone looking for innovative and visually appealing flooring solutions.

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Hardscapes Inc. is a Calgary-based company that specializes in providing high-quality architectural concrete flooring finishes