Ever considered metallic/reflector floors?

Metallic epoxy REFLECTOR™ floors continue to be popular choices for commercial, industrial and residential applications, and popular among property owners, architects and specifiers.

Metallic reflective pigments produce colourful concrete floors with dimension and depth. Our special colours match existing designs or preferred colours. Great for basements, garages, commercial, residential & industrial flooring.

Metallic epoxy floors are fluid-applied and poured in place, fast set for quicker turnaround time. They are completely self-levelling, ultra-durable and unique. The cost effectiveness, compared to other types of floor coverings, just cannot be beat.

Most metallic epoxy floors are less colourful than those portrayed in the images below. There are unlimited colour options, combinations and visual patterns/textures and this flooring system can have gloss or satin finishes. Special colours can match design or preferred colours making each epoxy floor an original reflection of your home or business.

Hardscapes creates beautiful concrete floors that are versatile and can be personalized. Do you have an original idea you’d like to see come to reality? Let’s discuss. Call 403-547-5597 at your convenience. We’d love to help you revive your floors!