Concrete Overlay Makeover

Is your office looking a little run down and tired? Does the floor of your store show the wear and tear of years of traffic?

You can bring these working floors back to life and give your office or store floor a brand new look.

A concrete overlay can make all the difference. This type of an overlay can add years to the life of you floor and create a specific ambiance designed especially for you.

Here are some things to consider when contemplating a concrete overlay.

What conditions will the floor be exposed to?

Certain polished surfaces might not be appropriate for wet conditions. High traffic areas might need to be a darker colour to give the floor a longer life and keep maintenance to a minimum.

What is the instillation cost?

Cost average between $3 to $10 a square foot depending on instillation. More elaborate finishes can be more. Give Hardscapes Inc. a call for more information or a free quote.

How much maintenance is required?

This type of surface when coated with a sealer, are stain resistant to dirt and grease. There is the usual cleaning and maintenance of any floor.

Talk to us about how to get your old tired floor back to shiny and new.

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