A concrete overlay can add years to the life of your floor

As we head into 2021 and Covid-19 still dictates our health guidelines and protocols, here at Hardscapes our business remains operational to serve you. We continue to be proactive about the actions we take to prevent the spread of the virus and are committed to providing services during these challenging times in a modified, safe and socially distant way.

Concrete flooring systems are a practical choice for just about any commercial or industrial flooring project as they create an environment that is safe, clean, easy to maintain. A concrete overlay can make all the difference. This type of overlay can add years to the life of your floor and create a specific ambiance designed especially for your business.

A few things to consider when contemplating a concrete overlay:

  1. the conditions, wear and tear your floors will be exposed to
  2. high traffic areas may require a darker colour to give the floor a longer life and keep maintenance to a minimum
  3. certain polished surfaces might not be appropriate for wet conditions
  4. this type of surface when coated with a sealer, is stain-resistant to dirt and grease
  5. installation costs average between $3 – $10/sq ft depending on installation specifics

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