Against The Storm

When hurricane Odile hit the coast of Baja California many luxury homes and condos as well as thousands of Mexican families and businesses were effected. Everything that wasn’t nailed down was swept away. What was left was made of concrete and as rebuilding began concrete was the building material of choice. Now two years later the building continues and so does the use of concrete.
To weather any storm or to find out the many decorative uses of concrete give us a call at 403-547-5597

DIY Disaster

Hardscapes Inc. DIY disasterYou see it on TV all the time. The DIY Disaster. There is nothing worse than starting a home project only to find out to late you don’t know what you’re doing. You can watch as many YouTube video’s as you want but if you have never done something before you could be in for a big surprise. It’s mostly looks easier to do than it actually is.

That especially applies to concrete. With getting the right mixture to drying times and finishes there is a lot more to pouring your own floor or back yard patio.

Don’t wait until your project has to be jack hammered out and re-built by an expert. Why not give Hardscapes Inc. a call to discover how they can make your concrete project a thing of beauty without the worry and get it done right the first time.

Concrete Patio

hardscapes inc concrete patioHas the patio stone or paving stone patio you build last summer come out from under the snow heaved or cracked? Does it look like it’s going to be another chore this year to replace the damaged area even though you know it will likely happen again next year?

Why not save yourself the time and aggravation of constant repair and replacement?

A poured concrete slab can be delivered in a day and by using colour and any number of beautiful stamped designs your concrete patio can have a paver or stone finish.

Give us a call to see some of our great concrete finishes and get a free quote.

Show Your Logo

Show Your Logo
Concrete floors, like in your corporate office foyer or in your garage, can easily be used to promote your business or display your logo or club colours. With today’s digital technologies high resolution images can be added to almost any surface. You can also engrave or stencil concrete for a different effect.

Really the options are finite so why not put that blank canvas to work and add an image or logo to your bare concrete.

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Extreme Cold & Concrete

Weather DamageI guess you could say it’s been colder than usual this year. Extended periods of below -20 can wreak havoc on your mental attitude never mind what big dips in temperature can do to you outside structures and concrete.

The freezing temperature of concrete is approximately 28ºF (-2º C).

Concrete does not maintain its strength when poured at low temperatures. Almost 50% of strength loss can occur if the concrete freezes within the first few hours after placement. Temperature affects the rate at which hydration of the cement occurs. Low concrete temperatures will stall the set and weaken the strength.

Hardscapes Inc. knows about concrete, we know how to keep your concrete from cracking and heaving and we know how to make it look beautiful at the same time.

Sink Hole

Driveway RepairOver the years water, snow and ice even city fed runoff from sewer gutters can cause erosion under your driveway surface. This leaves your concrete driveway slab vulnerable to cracking and if not properly repaired it could collapse.

One way of solving this problem is called mud jacking, a process that pumps high pressured grout into the void under the driveway through holes cut in the surface. The process fills the space between the foundation element and the eroding soil.

Once you have corrected the elevation discrepancy you will still be left with cracking and the inevitable patchwork that covers the holes made to apply the process.

Hardscapes Inc. has a number of solutions to repair and rebuild the surface of your concrete drive and bring it back to its previous beauty.

Give us a call to find the solution right for you.


Ever Repaired Cracks in your Concrete Porch?

Cracked PorchAging concrete can go from bad to worse fairly quickly if not attended too.

These days’ most front porches are made with concrete and what starts out as a small crack can quickly become a larger crack if water gets in and freezes.

Depending on how deep the crack is it may have to be filled in with vinyl patching and then capped with a concrete patching material. You might even have to use a metal brush or some other method like stapling or chiseling away some of the edges to make a smoother repair.

The results can vary, from ok to ugly.

This is not really a DIY situation. Why not let an expert take the struggle out of this kind of home repair.

Hardscapes Inc. has all the tools and the know how to quickly assess any situation and find the immediate answer to your worn concrete issues.

Fall Garage Cleanup

Are you getting ready for winter? Are you cleaning out the garage of all the summer toys, yard equipment etc.?

While you’re cleaned out, why not get that ugly floor cleaned up and coated?! A polyaspartic coating will do wonders for your garage. It will be brighter, cleaner, easier to clean, and best of all, protected from all that salt we spoke of last week.

Hardscapes Inc. offers solutions for any budget. Gorgeous flake floors and even mica metallic flakes for those that like to eat, sleep and play in their garage, as well as solid color for those with more of a utilitarian need. These coatings are 100% UV stable, extremely abrasion resistant, and highly chemical resistant.

Many garage floors can be done start to finish in just ONE DAY!

Contact us today for your free estimate!

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