Engraving & Staining Applications

As the weather gets colder and your outdoor projects are either done for the year or on hold until the spring, why not focus on some indoor endeavours like engraving or staining that old basement floor.

Attractive, durable and easy to clean flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Check out these Engraving and Staining samples we’ve done for some of our clients.


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Here Comes the Cold

Hardscapes Inc. Driveway RepairThere is a bite in the air this morning. Some of the broad leaf trees already littered with yellow. Fall too soon.

There is still time to address some of those concrete issues you were trying to get to over the summer.

Cracked sidewalks and driveways can don’t like this time of year. Big differences in temperature over the course of the day can expand and contract crack and leave fissures where water can collect and create even larger cracks as winter approaches.

Now is the time to get a new surface for your walk or drive before the snow flys.

Like the old commercial said.

Why Wait For Spring?

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Industrial Concrete Floor

Follow along while we walk through changing this huge concrete floor in an industrial space. This video shows the work being done by the Hardscapes team as they prep the floor for patching and leveling.

Concrete Resurfacing

BandageNo matter how much care you take with your concrete driveway it will eventually start to wear.

If your home was built in the last fifty years your driveway, and probably your walkway, are built with concrete. These outdoor features of your home need to be made of materials that are durable and long lasting, and concrete fits the bill.

What do you do when signs of aging start to appear? Whether it’s pitting due to oil or other petroleum products leaking from vehicles onto the surface, or from shifting soil that leaves cracks in the cement where grass and weeds can grow, your driveway can become an ugly welcome home.

If your driveway is looking like it may need to be jack-hammered out and re-poured that can be a big expense.

Here’s the good news, don’t just put a bandage on it, there is another solution. Concrete resurfacing is a way to bring those aging concrete walks and drives back to life.

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Cover Up The Ugliest Concrete Floor

What is the answer to covering those old gray concrete floors? Whether in you place of business or your home, Reflector flooring could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Reflector flooring, also referred to as metallic epoxies are sure growing in popularity. They look amazing!! This is a new Skoah spa location in Willow Park, Calgary.
The beautiful thing about these floors, besides how great they look, is that they can cover up the ugliest of concrete, with the right prep, compared to traditional staining methods.
Hardscapes Inc. is the Calgary leader in seamless liquid applied flooring for Concrete.

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Concrete Heaving

concrete heavingFrost can damage concrete in many ways. Two of the most prominent are, having the frozen ground heave because of ice crystals forming in the soil, and collapsing due to these ice crystals thawing in the spring. When the weather becomes cold in the winter, frost penetrates the ground and freezes water trapped in the pours of the earth. Water flows from wet to dry so water from below th frost line is drawn up. As it reaches the frost line it freezes. This eventually creates a thick layer of ice. The expansion caused by the freezing ice creates a layer that heaves the ground an equal distance of that layer. Finally the pressure below the concrete can no longer sustain its integrity and cracks.

Filling these cracks can leave ugly jagged lines in your concrete drives and walkways. Professionals like Hardscapes Inc. have many methods of repairing just this kind of winter damage and bring you concrete outdoor surfaces back to their original beauty.

Happy Holidays!

One of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say thanks and to wish you the very best for the New Year

Happy New Year

Reflector Floor

Another gorgeous reflector floor created using Elite Crete Systems epoxy and reflector enhancer colouring system. Truly unique seamless flooring solutions make a statement with colours that can be blended to complement any decor. Give us a call to book your project!

Reflector Floor Reflector Floor

The Home Gym

We recently completed this home gym for a great client of ours! Using polyaspartic coatings with a custom flake broadcast then coated with the lines and a final clear coat to lock it all down. The best part of this one? The flakes glow in the dark!
Hardscapes has the solutions for your custom flooring projects. Call us today, and let’s bring your floors to life!

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Radiant Heated Concrete

radiantheatHave you ever thought about installing heated concrete floors in your home? Maybe you’re not building a new home but are thinking of resurfacing your existing concrete basement.

If you want the beauty and look of concrete and warmth under foot, radiant heating is available in cable form giving greater flexibility or mat form, which helps with quick and easy installation under concrete slab floors.

Give Hardscapes Inc. a call to find out how radiant heated concrete can be installed anywhere in your home or garage.