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Check out these before and after images of a garage floor with mechanic access that we transformed into a clean and tidy
work-space. FYI, that’s not a carpet in the after shot. That’s one of our great concrete finishes!

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Hardscapes Concrete Floor Before   Hardscapres Concrete Floor After

………….BEFORE                                           AFTER

Specialty Concrete Engraving

This gorgeous floor was created by engraving the pattern with our Mongoose concrete engraver. Next, we stained the concrete with Elite Crete’s Antique Brown Chem stone stain. The lines were highlighted with Antique black by one of our master installers with a steady hand to create the soft rustic edges to the pattern. The floor is coated with Elite Crete PT-1 Epoxy for beauty and durability.

This is a great way to change the look of your floors. In fact, unlimited decorative designs and patterns can be directly engraved into a concrete floor surface. If you have a design idea you’d like to discuss, call Hardscapes today at 403-547-5597. We’d love to don our creative hats and help you transform your space into something beautiful!

Check out our gallery at http://concretecanada.com/portfolio/ for more unique floors!

Salt can sneak into small pores and tiny cracks in your concrete

Concrete is incredibly more porous than you would think. Though it seems rock hard, it is actually full of millions of tiny cracks and pores.

Concrete can be damaged in any number of ways, but the most common damage occurs from the de-icing salts used by city snow plowing services and freeze/thaw cycles which occur quite often in Calgary during fall freeze-up and spring warming.

When this happens, salt can sneak into the small pores and tiny cracks in your concrete creating an acid-like reaction. Eventually larger and larger pockets are created that hold greater and greater amounts of water. It is the water that eventually causes all the damage.

Water expands up to 9X when frozen. The pressure from this expansion grows with each freeze and thaw until eventually it pops the surface of the concrete creating even larger cracks and the pitting you so often see in sidewalks and driveways.

Hardscapes Inc. has a number of solutions to this problem. Call 403-547-5597 or email sales@concretecanada.com for a FREE quote or for more information.


Is radiant heated flooring for you?

Did you know that radiant heated concrete flooring is even an option?

You may not be building a new home, but if you are thinking of resurfacing your existing concrete basement floors, radiant heating may be an idea you want to explore.

Radiant heated concrete floors can provide both beauty and warmth under foot, resulting in a more comfortable living environment. In fact, concrete floor radiant heating consumes less energy to achieve the same level of comfort, ultimately lowering utility costs.

Radiant floor heating is available in most situations. For newer floors or complete renos, cable forms are installed in the concrete slab when it’s poured, but for but already existing concrete floors, mat form can be embedded with a quick and easy installation in thin-set cement.

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Radiant Heated Concrete Flooring

A Father’s Lov

fathersloveThank you & Happy Father’s day to all you remarkable Dads, Step-Dads, Big Brothers & positive role models…Sunday June 19th – a special day to celebrate YOU!

Driveway Damage Stops Sale

Drieveway-CrackWhat is the first thing a potential home buyer sees when they view a property? The driveway. They will either park in it or walk up it as they approach the home. If you think a cracked and pitted driveway doesn’t matter to a potential buyer you would be wrong.

Here is what one agent had to say.

“A new concrete driveway will greatly increase your home’s curb appeal. Better curb appeal can speed the sale of your home. It may be an upgrade that will not increase the value of your home but without repair it might cause your house to not sell at all.”

Hardscapes Inc. is expert at repairing cracked and pitted driveways and garage floors. Don’t wait until your house is up for sale to get the job done.

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Calgary Home & Garden Show Returns

Mark your calendars for the 2016 Calgary Home + Garden Show.

CalgaryHGSCanada’s most talented designers, gardeners and home improvement specialists offer their latest advice. Hundreds of exhibitors, retailers and industry experts, will showcase products and provide valuable tips on anything and everything pertaining to home improvement, design, eco-friendly recreation, organization and renovation. It’s definitely an event for people who love to renovate and refresh their homes and garden areas.

On the Home + Garden Stage celebrity guest speakers Carson Arthur, star of HGTV’s brand-new series Home to Win (presented by Kool 101.5), Andre Chevigny, star of HGTV’s Timber Kings, and lifestyle expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault (presented by Rust-Oleum) and a line-up of local favourites will be featured and ready to share a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspirational ideas.

Real Advice. Real Inspiration. Real Experts.

Don’t miss out! The Calgary Home & Garden Show is your most trusted resource for every home enhancement project, inside & out.

Hardscapes Inc., specializing in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Industrial Floor Finish

The process begins with surface prep. It’s always the key to a successful floor installation. This old floor has been used for many different businesses over the years. We started with a deep grind using a 32” machine that weighs more than 1500lbs. The combination of weight and the correct diamond tooling insures a nice deep grind to fully remove all surface contaminants.
We also ran a shotblaster over the rougher areas to insure a clean floor down in any divots and depressions.

Once a good clean floor is achieved, we skim the floor out with a floor patching material to fill and smooth the depressions and other deficiencies prior to coating. Once that has dried, a light grind over the patch and we are ready to begin the coating process.

Our base coat of epoxy goes down nice and even with a squeegee and back roll before we broadcast the flake. This client chose a grey and white mix with 7% silver micah for a unique look that will have a gorgeous finish.

Once the base coat has cured, we remove the excess flake, scrape it down and sand it before the applying the two topcoats of polyaspartic.

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