The Late Season Concrete Project

Poured concrete patio canadaconcrete.comDid you know that if you know what you’re doing you can pour concrete almost all year round?

That is if the general air temperature is between 10° C and 32° C you should be safe. There are other factors that might determine the outcome like wind and humidity along with water temp have an effect on pouring concrete in less than favorable conditions.

Cold Weather

Temperatures below 0° C should be left until warmer weather or best recommendation would be to hire a pro. Concrete sets slower in colder temperatures so the key to getting it right is to make sure the concrete sets fast.

Here is a cold weather tip to get your concrete set right, use hot water. You could always use a fast setting concrete to pour you your slab but if you really want it done right call someone who does it for a living.

Give us call or email us for more information on how we can get that late summer concrete project done right.

Marble Look For Your Basement Floor

IMG_4875This gorgeous basement floor was created using PT-1 in charcoal pearl with coffee accents. This client was absolutely floored with the results!

With Reflector Enhancer floors there are no two projects the same. Don’t buy the same tiles and carpet that everyone else is getting.

Make your floor unique.

Call us for more information on this and other beautiful concrete floors.

Enjoy Family Day Weekend

family dayFamily Day is a day to take part in activities aimed at the whole family.
There are plenty of fun things to do with your family right here in Calgary for the Family Day holiday Monday February 15th. There is no shortage of activities downtown or in the burbs for people to explore.

If you love the outdoors, consider a day on the slopes or a skate on the pond, an afternoon at the zoo or on the pathways, to name a few.
Or maybe you prefer the indoors and that’s OK too! There are tons of things from which to choose. You could play board games at home, catch a movie, walk the mall, enjoy a concert, or even have a blast learning at the Science Centre.

For those who just love to kick back you could share a chat over a special coffee, or enjoy a leisurely meal at your favourite hangout. Whatever you do, celebrate in style…
Make your Family Day long weekend fun, full of belly laughter, amazing and memorable. After all, that’s why this one’s dedicated to families everywhere…

Hardscapes Inc. wishes everyone a safe & enjoyable Family Day Holiday.

Beautiful Kitchen Floor Reno

This kitchen received a quick flooring makeover on a budget. With the primers available today, we were able to do a self levelling concrete topping right over the old kitchen tiles. Once that set, we installed an elite crete reflector floor. The metallic finish really modernizes the space.

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Concrete Pads

Hardscapes Inc. concrete patio deckThinking of doing a diy concrete pad for the back yard. Think again. It’s harder than it looks and if you mess it up, your in for a full day of de-construction just to get it back to square.
Hardscapes Inc. are professional at working with concrete. Their designs and colours can make any back yard concrete pad stand out from the crowd with stamping and polishing features that make it look like custom stone work.
Get it in before the winter and enjoy you new patio all next season.

DIY Disaster

Hardscapes Inc. DIY disasterYou see it on TV all the time. The DIY Disaster. There is nothing worse than starting a home project only to find out to late you don’t know what you’re doing. You can watch as many YouTube video’s as you want but if you have never done something before you could be in for a big surprise. It’s mostly looks easier to do than it actually is.

That especially applies to concrete. With getting the right mixture to drying times and finishes there is a lot more to pouring your own floor or back yard patio.

Don’t wait until your project has to be jack hammered out and re-built by an expert. Why not give Hardscapes Inc. a call to discover how they can make your concrete project a thing of beauty without the worry and get it done right the first time.

Decorative Stamped Concrete Patio

Do you have a west facing backyard that is extremely hard to keep hydrated? Is your lawn or a section of your lawn scorched, parched and unhealthy looking?

Why not minimize the expense and labour of attempting to keep it green and opt for a beautiful decorative stamped concrete patio?

You have a ton of options with stamped concrete!

The patio can be poured and/or shaped and sized to fit your available space. You can choose from any imaginable colours and textures. Stamped concrete has superior durability and weather resistance, and even better than that, it’s cost-effective!

At Hardscapes, we specialize in decorative concrete solutions. If you’re thinking of doing something sensational with your backyard this summer, give us a call at 403-547-5597 to arrange a FREE on-site estimate.